When you are visiting, it is not only for the beaches, you are here to have a very special ‘Pondicherry – French colony’ feeling…

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Sunset – Sunrise @ Kanyakumari

…at first glance of the sun, in the most unexpected way, the crowd started cheering and whistling… I was really worried whether we can come out of that mess without being injured…

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Yercaud Road Trip

This trip was with two of my school time friends, Rudra and Patra staying in the same city I stay in. Coincidentally, three of our wives were not in the town at the same time. So, we had to do something special, and we planned this road trip. Patra was the owner of the car, […]

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Kovalam Beach, Kerala

…with our 1 yr old daughter, to go, or not to go! Like any new parents, the tiring days and sleepless nights are certainly enough to decide not to go for any additional challenge. But, that is why it is a challenge, right! Though all the data points indicated to decide us not to go, we decided to travel this time!

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A day in Neil Island

Light from fresh Sun made the brown dead corals even brighter and the water more transparent. And if can watch this lying on a bamboo-made beach-bed under the shade of low-height coconut trees, that’s how luxury feels…

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Swiss Tent stay at Coorg

When I became conscious, I realized, the tent was shaking by heavy wind and rain happening outside. The steel structure was making a strange sound which was indicating its affinity towards breaking down and suddenly the situation was even more glorified when the electricity went off. Now, this was something I was looking for from a tent stay!

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Hyderabad to Bidar on bike

On 8th Feb 2014, we started from Kondapur, Hyderabad at 9 am on our bike towards Bidar, Karnataka. The distance is nearly 120 km and we targeted to arrive within two and a half hour. The route is pretty straight forward. Take the Hyderabad – Mumbai highway, go nearly 100 km and take right just after […]

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Hyderabad to Warangal on bike

On 11th January 2014, at 7:15 am we started from Kondapur, Hyderabad towards Warangal. The distance is nearly 175 km and planned to reach in three and a half hours. Two riders, one backpack, and the bike started the journey. This was our first long distance journey on a bike together and we were not going in […]

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Niagara Falls

It’s not every day you get a chance to visit Niagara Falls and certainly not if you live in India. In last Feb, I was in an office related visit to Erie, a small town beside Lake Erie in Pennsylvania, USA. The most famous place to visit from Erie is Niagara Falls, which is around 120 miles […]

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Chicago – in 11 hours layover

I was on a business visit to Erie, a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. Erie, being a small town, have limited flights and only to limited cities. One of the routes was through Chicago and had approximately 11 hours layover there. Staying back at O’Hare international airport would have been an easier option but when you are for the […]

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This was a weekend trip from Bangalore on July 2nd & 3rd, 2016. Badami was on our (me & my wife) list for a long time after we visited Hampi, but this is a rainy season and Badami being a rocky place would not be a suitable place to visit. Being very eager to do some weekend […]

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